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Barbershop hipster beard

A barber shop is basically a men-only spa

Why I think barber shops are more popular than ever and why this isn’t surprising at all.

Enter that baroque-looking Hipster-esque space full of proud bearded men. You receive a warm welcome, take a seat in a comfy leather chair, sip your whiskey and enjoy your barber taking care of you and your precious beard. A visit to a barber shop is not only about getting your hair cut and your beard trimmed. It’s also about relaxing in a comfortable environment and forgetting about the stressful everyday life.

The last few years it became more and more popular to have a beard – hipsters might have been the first to realize that, now beards have gone mainstream and CEOs and politicians let their facial hair grow without being labelled as scruffy. Additionally, the beauty market for men keeps growing and growing. Has anyone else noticed how many ‘new’ products for men are available nowadays? I don’t remember having body lotions for men when I was a child.


But I believe that the main reason for the success of the barber shops is because they are spaces for men only. Women may go get their nails done in a salon while men visit the barber shop. Going there is an ‘experience’ for men only and it might take a while longer and be more expensive than visiting your local Supercuts but it is meant to be that way. Calm, quiet and peaceful. When you leave you’re ready for the stressful everyday life again.

So basically, a barber shop is a men-only spa… right? And what’s wrong about enjoying the time it takes to get your lumberjack on? Men, woman, gay or straight, we all enjoy a little wellness.

Would you rather go to a hip barber shop providing the whole shebang of beard care or a straight forward salon?

Some beautiful beard examples are here: Click me for handsome bearded guys

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