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  1. Hi, I\’ve recently written a post about the LGBT community and the thing is I\’m straight and my friend who reads a lot freaked me out saying that\’s a sensitive topic to write about. I made an effort to put myself out there but I\’m still pretty afraid of what reaction I might get and you\’re the only one I could think of to ask if I said anything wrong…..I really would appreciate your help..I would have preferred to email you but I didn\’t find a contact form anywhere…can you please help me out here?

    1. Hey there 🙂 Sry for the late reply. I\’d love to check it out – is it online already?
      Only thing I have to say, as you might have seen on my blog, I don\’t get offended very easily. But I will read it and see if I see anything that might get other people triggered. The LGBT community is offended way too easily and I\’d love to help change that in a way, too 😉
      Anyways, it\’s kinda scary you don\’t know any out gay men in real life – I\’m sure that\’s gonna change!

      1. Thank you so much! I\’ll forward the article to you but as of now i took it down from WordPress but it\’s still there on my reddit account. I\’ll send you the link! Thank you for helping me out!

    1. Sure, I\’d love to! But I don\’t think I\’ll make it till next week because I think I already have my post for then. I will let you know as soon as I put it up!

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