Ben Leander Willgruber | Casual Trainwreck


My design focus lies on editorial design, package design, corporate design and illustration. I’ve worked for small and large companies, such as SMARDT Chiller Group, ckb GmbH, The School of Life Berlin, SPÖ Graz (Social Democratic Party) as well as bfi Styria, Jugend am Werk or Lebenshilfe via gmk Graz.

My English CV and Portfolio (4 MB)
Deutscher CV und Portfolio (4 MB)

Feel free to contact me if you wanna collab or hire me!

Over the years, I have also accumulated many small projects and designs that can hardly be categorized. Because I like them, I want to present them as solo pieces below. Further down, I featured some examples of Corporate Designs and Editorial Design.

Package Design and Corporate Design

Print and Editorial Design