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Life Changes | Quick Thought Tuesday 7

This weekend, I finally took the time to watch the new Netflix movies Bandersnatch and Bird Box. While I have to say that I like the latter more, Bandersnatch raised some interesting questions, as Black Mirror usually does. I will stay away from any spoilers, but as an interactive movie, you get to decide which path the movie goes down. At a certain point, someone even says that nothing is permanent and everything can be reversed. It made me question if there are situations in my past I wish I would’ve made a different decision.

Something that came to mind specifically was my choice not to go to art school at age 15. I don’t know why I decided against it but I think I was scared of change. If I had made the change I would’ve saved myself from two years of bullying and eventually still switching schools later on.

But who knows if I’d actually been happier down that path…

Have you seen Bandersnatch and if so, how did you like it? 
Are there any things you’d like to change about your past if given the choice?



8 thoughts on “Life Changes | Quick Thought Tuesday 7

  1. I haven’t seen Bandersnatch yet. I want to, but I read somewhere that it doesn’t work with AppleTV, so I’ve been putting it off. I’m not sure I’ll enjoy it on my laptop. I’ll try it on the TV first, though.
    I enjoyed Birdbox. Not as much as I enjoyed the meme fallout afterward, but way better than the critics liked it. I’m not much for horror or suspense movies, but post-apocalypse movies are hard to resist.
    I try not to think too much about the things in my past that I cannot change or that I regret, just learn enough from them to avoid them in the future, right?
    But with a figurative gun to my head? I’d say I would use a do-over to persevere after being gay bashed in college. My broken little self used it as an excuse to run from KS to CA when the opportunity arose. Looking back, I think finishing school in KS would have been better for me in the long run. No matter how hard it seemed at the time.

    1. Yeah I think Bandersnatch only works with laptops and tablets; I also rather wanted to watch it on TV but what you’re gonna do. I haven’t even seen the Birdbox memes but I know what I’m gonna do after I’ve finished writing this comment 😉
      I’m sorry that happened to you… When I went to college was the first time I felt comfortable enough to tell more people about being gay; so sorry that wasn’t the case for you. Eventually you’re right that it’s best to leave the past in the past – maybe in a parallel universe you’ve stayed in KS but who knows if that worked out better. Have a good one!

  2. I haven’t seen either of the films that you referenced. If there was anything in my past that I would change. Personally, I leave the past alone. Those experiences made me as the man that I am today. That’s all that I know and even the slightest change could involve a chain reaction that would put me in a different place now. I’m happy so why risk it? Naked hugs!

    1. Haha I had a similar thought writing this down… What if I would have changed schools earlier? Would I still be the same person I am now? In the end, that might’ve saved me from a lot of pain at that point but who knows if all hadn’t turned out worse in the end. You haven’t seen the movies I referenced but I guess you’ve seen the Butterfly Effect too^^

  3. I didn’t see Bandersnatch, but did see Bird Box. How those people could run through the woods in blindfolds I never know. I wouldn’t change most changes in my life, because I’ve learned from every one of them. But one thing is I wouldn’t have sold my bed and breakfast. I loved that house and should have gotten a full time job and done the B&B on the weekends. Ah well, gives me someplace to base my stories!

    1. I know what you mean – when I was watching the movie all I hoped for was that Sandra Bullock wasn’t carrying the actual child actors through the woods while running around, but dolls.
      It’s nice to hear that most people don’t seem to regret that much from their past. After all it made us who we are now. Did you ever visit the B&B afterwards and see what it looks like now?

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