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New Year, New Party, New Sound

Last Christmas, I gave you my heart, I did not only spend with my family but also as a DJ at the techno party I co-organize, Dancen und Schmusen! This week we’ll have our first party of the year and the new century brought some changes.

First, the obvious, DemBambiSeiMudder, inventor of the event, has bought a new sound system which will have it’s first big run this Saturday (and which is the reason why the event is called ‘Audiophil’). I’m so grateful for being part of this event and having even better sound now too.

Other than that, we’re making a couple of changes to our system. Entrance will be from 9 to 11 PM only because afterward Bambi will host a short welcome-round, explain what Dancen + Schmusen is, what rules there are and what we wish for the night. Consent is key! I know people will be confused about that but this event was never about following traditions but about creating a safer space for parties.

I’m excited and a little nervous and I’m looking forward to seeing lots of friendly, familiar and new faces there! And I’m particularly excited about the outfits people are gonna wear! Find the event on Facebook by clicking here.



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