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Music Monday 11 | Music to Break up to

For some reason, I have always found a weird kind of beauty in the sad things in life. When I see a photo such as the title photo (by Kyle Thompson), I don’t necessarily feel sad. There is something special about the dark, macabre and absurd parts of life, but the same goes for the sad things – at least for me. I have recently found a couple of new songs I can only describe as songs to break up too and I wanna share them with you guys here.


Olivia OBrien – Find What You’re Looking For


Jaymes Young – Parachute (Deep House Remix)


Karpatenhund – Notfalls Werde Ich Für Immer Warten (German)


How do you feel when you hear a sad song or a melancholic picture? Do you, in some way, enjoy them, or do you stay clear of them? And which is your break-up song?



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