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Music Monday 11 | New Rammstein Shock Video

So, I’m a little late for the hype over Rammstein’s new single and also a little too late for a Music Monday – but what else is new? When I heard they had a new single I was really interested. It’s been a while since their last album dropped and it feels like an eternity since I’ve heard my favorite Rammstein songs  (Amerika, Du riechst so gut). So, I checked out their new, almost 10-minute long video for Deutschland (Germany) and even after watching it a couple of times I still can’t make my mind up about what’s going on. I do understand the more obvious themes Rammstein tackle in their video, but I’m confused by others and wonder if the confusion is what Rammstein’s after. In the end, I don’t know if the band made a good move by thematizing the Holocaust and the World Wars or if what they portrayed was tasteless.

I’d advice you to go to the kitchen and get a cup because the tea is hot. But also, it will be cooled down by the time the credits roll. What do you think off the new video?




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