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Music Monday 2 | Music from my Hood

It’s my second Music Monday and I’ve already failed to post it on an actual Monday. Good start! Anyway, I thought it would be fun to talk about music from Austria… musicians stemming from the same city as me, to be exact.

Soap & Skin – Thanatos

Soap & Skin is an outstanding artist combining neo-classic and electronic music with her haunting voice in a celebration of melancholy. Her music comes in the darkest shade of black so if you’re ever depressed you should probably not listen to her. I’ll never forget seeing her live soon after her first release, Lovetune for Vacuum, a shy girl hiding behind a piano. When I saw her a couple of years later she put on a show so powerful and strong I was blown away and had goosebumps the whole time. Her music definitely found its way under my skin.


Blastikka – M.Y.

Blastikka consists of two artists producing music and stunning accompanying videos together. The boundaries of the band are kept open as they join forces with friends and other artists in most of what they do. Their sound is innocent and sweet at first, but if you listen closely you will discover layers of emotions somewhere between happy and gloomy. When I hear their song M.Y., I wanna grab some friends, drive to a lake and drink wine coolers in the sun – as long as it lasts.

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