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Music Monday 3 | My Favorites

I think I’m about to change the name of this segment to this Music sometimes early in the Week. I never seem to be able to get my post ready. I’m just too busy procrastinating on the weekends. Anyway, I thought I’d show you two of my absolute favorite songs. They are so good, I cannot even imagine someone not liking them.

Portishead – The Rip

My absolute favorite song of all times, hands down, no questions asked. I don’t know why but something about the song, the video and the lyrics make this feel like a twisted fairytale – which is the kind I enjoy. Until this day I cannot wrap my head around what the lyrics of this song actually mean but I have more than enough interpretations. In that spirit, I can’t wait for the wild white horses to take me away.

Röyksopp – Running to the Sea

If anyone still believes that electronic music is superficial and only suited for dancing, this track might just prove them wrong. Even more intense knowing that the story behind the song revolves around the 2011 Norway attacks by Anders Breivik killing more than 70 people.

9 thoughts on “Music Monday 3 | My Favorites

  1. THANKYOU FOR ATTACHING THE LINK TOO! I find it intensely iffy when no-one attaches links. It’s such a hassle. First world problems ha. My third world self should be flicked on the forehead. owell.

    I totally agree about edm not being solely for dance and that track legit perfectly proves it.

    1. Haha no I get it. If I wanna hear the song, I wanna hear it now, not having to go to Youtube myself. I’m glad you liked the song(s) and hope to see you back 🙂 Thanks for the feedback!

      1. right?!! but, yeh, totally loved the songs. the latter suited my preferences more than the former. Oh I’ll definitely be coming back (just checked to make sure i DID follow you for updates)!!

        1. First listen would probably be the same for me, but after hearing The Rip a couple of times it became my favorite song. I’m certain I’ve heard it 200+ times and I still love it 🙂

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