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Music Monday 4 | Celebrating Pride

We’re balls deep into pride month and so far I haven’t written much about it. I think that Christopher Street Parades and Pride parties are still relevant today. Pride remains a necessary reminder of the fights the LGBT+ community had to put up over the years. And we shouldn’t forget all the people around the world who are not free in their sexuality today. We can show them that they are not wrong, the laws are. Also, it is a time to commemorate the brave people who didn’t get to live long enough to see our world today. Let’s continue our fight to move forward in time, not backwards. With that in mind, I wanna present two songs perfect for celebrating Pride month.

Kylie Minogue – All the Lovers

This iconic music video features a lot of naked skin and bodies – and isn’t that kinda part of every good Pride celebration? Kylie wrote this song for her huge LGBT+ fan community and quite literally celebrates an uprising of love. Definitely worth a listen and a watch!

alt-j – Every other Freckle

What’s more inclusive than a music video that’s been filmed twice – once with a nude man, once with a woman? This awesome song is not a typical gay anthem but the message behind it is pretty clear to me: Enjoy the naked guy, enjoy the naked girl, enjoy both – there’s something there for everyone.

If you want more awesome alternative music to celebrate Pride month, you can check out my list of my favorite 10 LGBT+ music videos.




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  • 19. June 2018

    I feel ya on the lack of – let’s call it…participation in Pride. I actually (spoiler alert) went to Portland’s Pride parade on Sunday after swearing not to (again) and am now actively procrastinating wrinting about it.
    Maybe a little alt-J or Kylie will do the trick for me!

  • 19. June 2018

    The second one’s the kind of nostalgic you just can’t…trace back. Great music as always!

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