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Music Monday 6 | Surprising Songs

I know this is getting a little confusing. It’s Friday, I’m aware, definitely not Monday. This week I’ve been in Berlin on workation (IG @benleander_) and I was too busy/lazy to get my next regular blog post ready. There’s good news too as my new article for the Austrian magazine noisey (about clubbing culture) has been released just a couple of days ago – check it out now if you speak German! Anyway, let’s talk about surprising music now.

I usually try to be as open as possible to new songs but I am aware that I am a judgy person and it’s not that easy to change my opinion of a musician who has previously disappointed me. For this Music Monday, I’ve decided to dig through my files and find great songs from unexpected artists.

Lindsay Lohan – Confessions from a Broken Heart

I was never a big fan of Lindsay Lohan. To me she was always the troubled girl who was kinda funny in Freaky Friday and I always blamed her for the uprise of the Kardashian clan (Kim used to be Lohans assistent). Then, I found this song. It is not a song I would expect from a former Disney star. I don’t know how much she was involved in writing the song, but it is very personal and feels very authentic and, despite everything else, I have major respect for her for being so open.

Tokio Hotel – Love who Loves you Back

I don’t know where in the world you are from, but if you’re from a German-speaking country, chances are you know Tokio Hotel and dislike them for awful songs like ‘Schrei/Scream’. And I get that. Tokio Hotel is a band who got majorly famous while I was in high school. I always thought their music was OK but it was ‘cool’ to hate them mostly because of the androgynous style of Bill (front singer). After the band went on a hiatus, they came back with a new, more electronic sound and a mature style. I know this upset many O.G. fans, but I really like their new sound. I particularly love the song ‘Love who Loves you Back’. It has a great message and I appreciate how Bill is being more open about his sexuality (not that he has to, but let’s be real, this music video more than openly suggests him being bisexual which isn’t all that big of a surprise). Kudos to that!

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