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Music Monday 8 | Music for my Funeral

To be honest, it was way too easy for me to find songs that would fit a funeral. I don’t know if I’m weird or just have a way with melancholia but it was hard choosing just two songs. Bonjour Tristesse?

Linkin Park – My December

I cannot really explain why this song means so much to me but it’s been with me for ages. Perhaps because I’ve been listening to Linkin Park since I remember listening to music I’ve gotten the feeling they’ve helped me a lot. Since I’ve heard ‘My December’ for the first time I’ve known that once I am gone, it will be my memorial song.


Moby – Porcelain

Perhaps slightly more uplifting than ‘My December’ is Moby’s ‘Porcelain’. I think Moby is a mastermind of his own craft. He basically has a song fitting for any situation and I believe Porcelain is his song to say goodbye.

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