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What if my Life Plans are all Wrong? | Quick Thought Tuesday 8

I didn’t really think about my future and my life-long plans when I started studying psychology and graphic design at the same time. So, now I also don’t know what I can actually do with that combination. I came to Berlin to get a clearer picture of where I stand in life and what might come next but honestly, the answers haven’t come to me yet. I’ve now come to the point where I have to ask myself if my life plans (that barely exist anyway) even make sense. I am getting tired of getting by and hustling through although I always said that I am committed to continuing as long as I need to. But how do you know if you’re going down the right path? When is it time to look for something different?



2 thoughts on “What if my Life Plans are all Wrong? | Quick Thought Tuesday 8

  1. Questions for – well, not the ages, but you only. I’m sure you have friends that will encourage you either way. You might even have friends that will tell you unequivocally – and completely risk free to themselves, I must add – what the *right* answer for you is.
    But only you know.
    And only you can decide.
    But, again, at least you’re asking the questions. I don’t think enough of us do. So you are ahead, even though you might feel behind…

    1. I’m not so sure if I’m ahead but thanks for saying so. This genereation is so goal-driven, sometimes I feel I’m gonna get left behind. Then again, I’m thinking that I don’t wanna be work only and focused on my career. I do wanna enjoy life on the side as well.
      Thanks for your encouraging words 🙂

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