BenLeander_Design Studio

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A collection of projects that were started from scratch with a logo, colors and an identity.

Corporate Identity for the sex-positive party Dancen und Schmusen! The goal was to create a design that’s dark and inviting at the same time, and clear on how the party differs from existing events. Slogans and Ad campaign for premium supplements Mindhero with the goal of giving the product more character and humor and appeal to students. Youth Center Branding for teenagers. Logo re-design and political campaign design for the SPÖ Feldbach. The patriotic side of the party was melted with a modern, more appealing look to attract a broader field of voters. Logo, CI and package design for premium tea blend Matcha-Soma to represent its luxurious appeal. Study design The Dark Side of Social Media for the University of Graz to attract test subjects. Design for the gender-bending exhibition FE*MALE. Logo and label design for family winery Delefant and logo and CI design for the light-hearted Frucht:Bar.