Ben Leander Willgruber | Casual Trainwreck


Hi there.

My name is Ben Leander. I am a visual designer and blogger based in Graz, Austria and sometimes in Berlin. My work for a specific client or project usually focuses on one or more of three fields.

Visual allround design in the fields of corporate, editorial and
package design as well as illustration. 

I love to assist my clients from start to finish and beyond, but I am also happy to work with existing media and Corporate Designs. Nevertheless, I will always ask you what your product/service is all about, what your target audience is and what goals you wanna achieve with my help. Sometimes we may find a better solution to your problems than anticipated.

Psychologically influenced conceptual work on
marketing plans, branding and PR strategies.

I am always highly interested in how my designs integrate into existing marketing and PR strategies. Over time, I became more involved in the branding process of my clients’ products and services. With the help of my studies in communicational design as well as my background in psychology, I focus on getting the desired messages across to the customers. I use color, layout, typography and multi-media to emotionally infuse my often minimalistic or abstract designs.

Copywriting and Copyediting

As a Blogger and occasional journalist for VICE (German) and noisey (German), I have all the tools I need to help my clients with PR texts, wordings, social media posts and more. If your product or service is something you think I may enjoy, there is also the possibility of me featuring it on my blog or my social media presence – simply ask about it.

I am open to new clients as well as opportunities to cooperate on diverse projects. Feel free to contact me if you have questions or inquiries or if you simply wanna go on a work date to meet up and get to know each other. 


Imprint | Contact:
Ben Leander Willgruber, MSc. (AUT)
0043 650 707 9191 (12-22 h)