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Softboiled Wonderland [Exhibition]

As I’ve mentioned in my previous post, I currently have an exhibition titled ‘Softboiled Wonderland’ and today I wanna share some background info as well as some photos from the opening. Visit this exhibition all of June in Parks Art (Griesgasse 7)!

It all started about a year ago when the art world was overflowing with vulva art and I thought it would be nice to bring some penises to the table. So, I drew a nude portrait of the guy I was seeing then. It was a long time ago I drew with pencils but I liked the result and wanted to keep it going.  So, I reached out to other men I’ve been in connection with. This turned into quite the emotional process as I was reminded of the many lives I’ve lived before (and left behind).

I was unsure if I’d ever find a space willing to show my work. Until I met Nino Berger from Parks Art who said he wanted to push the art they show every month and was down for just about anything. He wanted me to surprise him and I think I did just that. I’m over the moon that the work I’ve been creating on and off during the past year is finally seeing the light of day and will be hanging in Parks Art for all of June 2023. I highly recommend seeing the drawings in person, but I want to share some pictures from the opening day below.










Thank you to everyone who showed up to my wonderland and filled this space with life. Special thanks go to Nino Berger from Parks Art for being so open about my conceptual show, Jacqueline Kaulfersch and Pia Moscher for helping me set everything up, Michaela Nutz for helping with the funding of the City of Graz, PAN for taking all the photos I’ve posted here, the ÄNSI STEVE Kollektiv for playing a beautiful guitar concert at the opening and, of course, all my beautiful and daring models – this show literally would not exist without you!




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