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Spending way too much time on my phone in quarantine, I got to thinking about all the content we’re constantly getting bombarded with on social media. So many inspirational thoughts, quotes, helpful tips, most of it gone after 24 hours. But how much of it sticks with us?

Considering the many helpful tips and advice snippets I’ve read during quarantine, I would now have to be a flawless human if I had internalized all of them. But as a psychologist, I know that that’s not how we learn and grow. We need to repeat what we want to learn and rather experience ourselves than only read about it. But what do stories we casually swipe through even do with us?

I got the idea for a digital exhibition that turns the tables and doesn’t give any answers but instead asks the questions. Big questions. Questions not fit for a 15-second slide on Instagram but rather long wine-fuelled nights with friends. Knowing how tremendously impactful these questions are and how hard it is to answer them, I posted them as Instagram stories this Monday (follow me @benleander_). Most of the questions I proposed could be answered with a simple Yes/No.

The responses to my Ghost Thoughts are currently on my Instagram stories and will disappear just as fast as the questions. I thought about giving my personal answers to the questions but since there are no right or wrong answers, I rather wanna leave it open for interpretation. This concept was also my chance to showcase some of the favorite photographs I’ve taken over the years (with the exception of ‘Do you have someone you miss every day?’ being taken by Chris Zitz, edited by myself).


_Ghost Thoughts _Responses


33 % say that the things you fear the most have already happened to you.

57 % say that things happen for a reason.


43 % believe in an afterlife.

68 % feel free.

80 % say that two people can have a happy ending.


67 % have someone they miss every day.

28 % believe machines will control humans.

81 % are happy.


Leave your thoughts to the questions in the comments below. I am looking forward to reading further inputs! Do you think you rather remember a question than a statement?


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