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Trying to have my tonsils removed while also trying not to lose my mind over the ridiculous Austrian health care system

As you may or may not know, I have had a lot of problems with my tonsils since I’ve been diagnosed with Diabetes Type I. Over the course of one year I have had tonsilitis (angina) more than 10 times and always had to take antibiotics to get better. About six months ago I decided to have my tonsils removed and the day of the operation has finally come… Or so I thought.

Some Thoughts on Sex Work

There are these kinds of nights where I’m hanging out with friends, chilling (probably stoned) and someone starts asking morally ambiguous questions, like ‘Would you watch a politician having sex with a pig on TV like in Black Mirror?’ or ‘What would it take for you to eat human flesh?’. Might sound macabre but for some reason, there’s something intriguing pontificating about the dark side of humanity. During one of these nights, somebody asked the question that sparked this blog post…