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Terrorist Attack in Vienna, Austria

This week, I would’ve normally posted an experimental video short film I have produced recently but this doesn’t feel right anymore. I rather wanna use this opportunity to inform my international readers about the attack that took place in Vienna yesterday.

Lockdown light

My personal day started with me getting my results back from my Diabetes health check. In summary, I am doing very well and honestly, I really needed some good news after all that drama of 2020. Starting at Monday midnight was the new Lockdown 2, or as they like to call it here, Lockdown light. Most places that bring fun or entertainment, such as clubs, bars, restaurants or cinemas will stay closed while most places selling things will be allowed to stay open. There is no total lockdown but you shouldn’t leave your home from 8pm to 6am. Many people were outside enjoying a last meal or drinks before the lockdown yesterday.

The last thing the world needed right now was more bad news. So, 2020 served bad news of epic, terrorist proportions. On the same night, a couple of hours before the Lockdown started, multiple shots were fired in six places in Vienna. I got to hear about it when I read on Facebook that a Viennese friend of mine stated he was ‘safe’. I immediately got flashbacks of the last time I read that message, during the attack on Graz in 2015. Tears came to my eyes thinking about when everything unsettling and unpeaceful seemed to be happening far, far away.

Too close to home

There are a lot of uncertainties as of right now, but what is known is that there are four people dead, multiple injured, seven of them life-threatening. One of the attackers was killed but it is unclear how many there were. It is not unlikely that attackers might be on the run but as this is an ongoing investigation there is no way to know. The attack might have had a religious background as it was happening close to a synagogue which, however, was closed at that time. And while any form of injustice is disgusting, there is something specifically unsettling about hearing about an attack possible targetting the Jewish community, considering Austria’s history.

As I have nothing more to add to all of this, I would like to ask anyone interested in googling the situation and reading about the news as they come. I am terribly sad that this is happening and that it is happening in my home country. I thought that when all else fails, at least we have our humanity but I start to believe that humanity is no value to be proud of.

My thoughts go out to the families, friends and lovers of the people whose lives were cut short on November 2nd in Vienna.

Ben Leander


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