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The day I ran away (from the ticket inspector)

If you’ve ever asked yourself if it’s possible to run away from a ticket inspector and what kind of person would do that, I have two answers for you: Yes and me. It’s been a while since this story happened and it’s finally time to tell it.

I don’t drive around without a ticket on a regular basis (anymore) but there were times in my life were cash was so tight I didn’t want to buy tickets for the tram. I have always wondered what would happen if you just run away from a ticket inspector and decided that it was time to find out. It took a couple of months after having made that decision and considering how often I drove without a ticket I guess I would have had already reimbursed myself for a fine. But that’s not how this story goes.

Lost in the city

It was an uneventful evening and I was on the way to a party just a couple of stops from where I was living. I had my earbuds in and realized relatively late that there were ticket inspectors in the tram. I turned the music off to hear what was happening and decided to get off the tram at the next station. While I was passing the ticket inspector, she asked for my ticket and I said I had to get off here. So easy, right? No, because she got off with me.

I just kept walking in front of her pretending to be very late for something very important. Or at least, that’s how I imagine my dramatic catwalk having looked. She caught up with me still annoying me about my ticket and I didn’t really respond to her. She threatened to call the police and I just kept walking faster thinking she’d never do that. However, when I heard her actually being on the phone with them (or pretending very well to be doing so), I knew I had to run. And so, I ran for what felt like forever. I ran so long I got lost in the most central known part of my home town. And I started to feel something really bad was gonna happen later. The ghost which I believed to be following me at that time of my life gave me that vision.

The spirits that followed me

After checking my back more than Kim Kardashian on a stroll through Paris, I finally arrived at the party location still feeling totally off. I annoyed everyone I knew at that party with the same story – I mean, at least it was a good story – and told all my friends I had the feeling that something bad was gonna happen today. I didn’t know what, I just felt the curse. At that point, people probably realized I was insane and left me alone to tell my story to the next victim.

The night went on rather uneventful and eventually, I forgot about what had happened earlier. I did never meet the ticket inspector again, by the way. So if you’re asking yourself if it’s possible to run away: technically, yes. But karma is gonna get back at you later.

At the time of this story, I was dating a new guy and we had made plans to later meet up in the club I was going to with my friends. It was also going to be the first time meeting each other’s friends.

The spirits I messed with

I was in a good mood, so I almost wasn’t bothered when I saw my ex-boyfriend and he jostled me on the shoulder on his way out of the club. But I was there with my friends and a guy I was very much interested in, so why would I care? We had a nice time, we had fun, we drank, I danced with my friends, I danced with the guy I’d been seeing. I went to the bar to get a drink and was gone for what felt like two minutes and when I got back, I saw my giant karmic revenge. The guy I’d been seeing was making out with one of his ‘friends’.

I was stunned, I was hurt, I felt like crying and leaving that place. Standing outside the club with my friends while smoking, I saw said ‘friend’ walking out in a hurry. I spoke to my buddies about going home but then decided that I wasn’t gonna let this night be ruined by some guy.

From end to beginning and back around

I went back inside and tried to enjoy my night as much as possible. My friends eventually left and later that night I spent some more time with the guy I’d been seeing until I realized that I was being stupid and had to value myself higher. And so, I left.

I later found out some backstory about all of this and let’s just summarize that the guy I’ve met in the club is not an asshole. He had followed his emotions and got screwed over just like many others have. I understood and later forgave him. He also became the reason I believe even more in karma and spirits. And that bad things happen to people who run away from ticket inspectors.





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  • 26. November 2021

    Oh, boy, this brought back memories…
    I used to do that with my friends when we were probably 10 years old. Hopping on the bus for ONE stop on our way back home from school. We were lucky back then.
    When I was older, there were a few times when I forgot to get a ticket or just didn’t have time (running to the bus/tram). I was never able to run away. When I was caught (probably 2-3 times), they would always block my way and lock the doors. Their game was GOOD.

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