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Becoming a Cyborg | Diabetes Update 2

In my first Diabetes Update, I was very upset about having been diagnosed and still in the process of getting over having it. I guess that my ability to ‘forget’ (aka suppress) upsetting things happening in my life is quite useful at times like these. I have, however, found out that there’s no other way of processing life events other than allowing myself to feel the emotions I’m feeling.

Congratulations, you’re not dying (now)
I’ve come to the conclusion that having Diabetes sucks but it’s not the end of my life. I can live quite a normal life but have to be more aware of my own well-being than ever before. It is annoying to keep track of my blood sugar levels and inject myself with insulin everytime I eat carbs, but there’s no other way. I’m fine with that but haven’t thought about what the future may hold concerning my health.

I have officially become a cyborg. 
When I was diagnosed, the doctors told me about a glucose sensor that’s constantly attached to the body without having to be charged. I was really hesitant the past months because I didn’t want Diabetes to invade my life so much. After having had to take blood samples from my finger every time I eat, however, I figured that a glucose sensor is a great help and the opposite of an invasion. So, I decided to get one, making me an official real-life cyborg. I can use my smartphone to track all the glucose activity for the last 8 hours and the data is being saved in the cloud. I wonder, though, if Google will show ads relevant for my current state of glucose saturation?


On a real level now, I love this meter and would advise any Type I to consider it. 
You’ll (more or less) never have to prick your fingers to get that darn drop of blood ever again. It takes very little time to check your levels and you’ll know how you’re doing throughout the day. It is the only way of truly finding out how bad/good your Diabetes is all in all, even though that was scary at first. Also, you’ll finally make use of the NFC sensor in your smartphone. So many advantages.

So, I’ve really been doing good since last time. I haven’t been sick in quite a long time even though it is very cold in Berlin. Maybe my immune system is finally starting to get better. Let’s not jinx it. I am doing better and I won’t question that.

(I am still scared of the future but for now, I won’t overanalyze things).



Learn more about diabetic sensors by clicking here!

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  • 3. January 2019

    I’m glad it’s helpful to you.

  • 30. November 2018

    Good job monitoring your levels (thus far)! Congratulations on accepting the reality of your situation and having the courage to write about it here. Keep up the good work and the positive attitude! Naked hugs!

  • 29. November 2018

    “Cyborg” is a bissele übertrieben – das Ding bleibt ja nur 2 Wochen am Stück in dir drin 😉

    Aba supa, dass es dir damit besser geht!

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