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Fixing Dumb ‘Inspirational’ Quotes

Sometimes I discover an inspirational quote that’s mind-blowing and I can’t believe I haven’t found it sooner, but most are the opposite of inspirational to me. I decided to have a look at some cringe-worthy ‘inspirational’ quotes and edit them with my sense of realism.

Inspirational quotes are like pop music. Sometimes I discover a song that’s mind-blowing and I can’t get over not having found it sooner, but most are shallow and I can’t believe anyone relates. To me, most inspirational quotes are more ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ than ‘Shake It Off’.

Therefore, I decided to have another look at some of the inspirational quotes that make me cringe and edit them with my sense of realism. Uninspirational is the new inspirational, I guess. Please let me know if you liked this kind of post and I might do it more often!











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58 thoughts on “Fixing Dumb ‘Inspirational’ Quotes

  1. You know I use to be one of those girls that would go on Pinterest to find motivational quotes. The older I get I realize how cheesy these are. Made me laugh.

    1. I do hate most inspirational quotes as well, but I feel like there are some exceptions, e.g. \’Today is life, tomorrow neves comes\’ totally blew my mind when I read it. It\’s very true in a way I haven\’t considered before. What I hate is the nonsense quotes other people seem to think are deep and inspiring.

      However, people actually can inspire me in a way that I wanna do something because of another person. I don\’t think the whole world is uninspiring per se but I get your perspective and appreciate it too 🙂

    1. Wow, thanks for your lovely feedback and for sharing! Best way to get the word out. I had fun making these and I\’m so happy people respond positively to it <3

  2. These make me laugh. I hate overused quotes too because people use them in an Instagram caption it will instantly become #basic lol

  3. Oh my God, I just might\’ve found the most amazing and let\’s be honest practical post! You should definitely make a series out of ideas like these! I loved all, but my favourite has to be the last one and the sleep one!! 😀

  4. Those are funny! I choose sleep, too! Especially after two weeks of vacation when I can\’t seem to get myself back onto a regular sleep schedule! Thanks for the laugh.

    1. Good to know I\’m not the only one having trouble getting to a regular sleep schedule again. My body wants to hibernate! Thanks for the lovely feedback 🙂

  5. ahahaha this is such a fun post! i would have never though of it! true that we always see the same quotes around. But at the same time, they don\’t do harm

  6. You knocked it out of the park with this one.
    The fact that you could make them switch from original to yours is pure magic to me. However, I found that the longer ones took me more than 1 try to read. Maybe just do two side by side? Original vs. yours?
    I hope you had fun with this.
    And yes, inspirational quotes annoy me greatly. Yes, there is an interesting one here and there, but the rest just makes me want to vomit.

    1. Yeah, I had tons of fun with it and I\’m considering making this a series whenever I have time. It\’s a little work but it\’s fun as well.
      I wanted to make them GIFs so people could copy and use them if they want to. Maybe I should make the long ones stay in one place for longer though.

  7. Lmao!!! I love the realism. While inspirations are okay for some people I find it annoying and unrealistic. Where is the reality? You should definitely do more. The last one had me rolling on the floor.

  8. I love these GIF quotes! I think it\’s really funny. I know sometimes it can be dumb yet very helpful in life. I hope to see more soon!

    1. True! There\’s one that actually blew my mind. It\’s an old Greek saying: \’Today is life, tomorrow never comes\’. So if a quote means something to someone, I get that. I just thought these were super-corny haha

  9. Haha today AND EVERY DAY I choose sleep.

    Let\’s not forget \’Live. Laugh. Love.\’ and \’Dance like nobody\’s watching. Love like you\’ve never been hurt.\’ and \’It takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile\’ and \’Dream as if you\’ll live forever. Live as if you\’ll die today.\’ and \’Y.O.L.O.\’

    God there are so many and they\’re all terrible.

    1. Yes! I love that I was able to make you smile it seems <3
      And you seem to share my kind of humor & opinion on inspirational quotes. Damn, you posted some 'good' ones. Might have to include them in a follow-up!

    1. Thank you for your response! I love that this post made you and others laugh, what more can I want from it? I\’ll choose sleep every day – sleep is joy, duh!

  10. Hahaha. Some of these may very well be how they were written before someone cleaned them up. I was born because my parents were horny!

  11. This is so right down my alley. I found this to be entirely too entertaining! Do it again soon!

  12. Hope- Hell Opens partially every day- LOL. I have to say that made me laugh the most although \’be the girl that decided to go home\’ was pretty funny as well!

  13. Lmao! I hate inspirational quotes… I find them so patronising and generic… at a push I can get on board with “don’t make me adult today” or “may your Monday be short and your coffee be strong” 😂

  14. This is a great way to look at quotes when your life decides to play around with your visions or what you want, sometimes you have to alter some of them to at least feel a bit better.

  15. I just love these. How funny! I like the one that says today I choose sleep. I would so go for that.

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