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Happy Birthday

Getting dumped on my birthday

Today is my birthday (hooray…) and it still is for a couple of minutes. I didn’t do anything today, neither spent time with my boyfriend nor my friends and family. Not by choice. Not really, at least. It all started yesterday…

Growing up I always had incredibly high expectations for my birthday. I imagined my mum bringing me breakfast to bad, not having to go to school, getting exactly what I want when I want it. Of course, this was never the case and while I usually had a decent birthday it was never enough for me. I got older and became terrified of my birthdays. I knew that it was a day where technically I could get everything I wanted but realistically I knew this wasn’t going to happen. I got older and delved into birthdays that aren’t fun anymore. Like actually being allowed to smoke and drink at 18 – how boring. Or not being a teenager anymore when getting 20. To simply getting a year older being reminded of everything my life is not.

Pity Party

To be clear, I don’t have super-high expectations for my birthday anymore. Would I be happy if 20 friends threw me a surprise party with cake and strippers? Yes. But I would be sad on the inside too. No matter what happens. That’s why I wanted it to be a normal day this year around. Spending time with my boyfriend, going to dinner with him and my family and then meeting a couple of friends for drinks at night. Whoever shows up, shows up. If I’m sitting there with him and no one else came that’d be fine too. Low-key I guess. And I feared I would end up sad anyways.

I was right, I am back to sad me. My birthday, more than any other day, reminds me of all the things I have done and the things I haven’t done. I am grateful for the life I have, I truly am. But I am also sad about what my life isn’t. Like me slowly gliding into a regular work-life situation. Do I want to become a 9-to-5 kind of person? I’d rather be homeless. I am reminded of friends who moved to different places round the world chasing their dreams. I am happy for them for doing this. But in the end, I am also sad that everyone seems to vanish. I am still in my more-or-less-hometown and I am usually happy with it. I like the people, my job and my university life which is soon to be over – clue the violin music! But would I have chosen this place to live? Probably not. And now I am too scared to move anywhere else for various reasons. But most of all, what if me going somewhere else doesn’t pay off? What if I don’t find my happy place? What if everything gets worse as it usually does?


I dreamed a little bit on my birthday and after drowning the pain in wine I almost didn’t feel sad anymore. And thought about what life could be and what I could do. So, why don’t we quit our jobs and travel the world, work as baristas and chase destiny?

One thing I know is that I always feel sad around the time of my birthday. I know that my boyfriend hates that. I realize that I can’t disregard his feelings just cause it’s my fucking special day. But I can’t fake a smile when I don’t feel like it no matter what cake I get.

So, we got into a fight but I won’t get into details. That wouldn’t be fair just telling my side of the story. But I guess he kind of broke up with me. To be honest, I’m not sure. We talked and screamed, I left the apartment, I came back, I cried, we talked, we were desperate and I left again. He wanted my keys back and I guess that says something. But to be honest, I am not sure where we stand now. I don’t think a long relationship ends in one day.

I have my troubles

Artwork by Melody

I also know I’ve pissed a lot of people off, my family for sure for canceling dinner. But other than that, I really can’t say what’s going on right now. I guess I wished for life not to be boring so I got not boring. Damn you, karma.

I ended up spending my day working and sleeping. I really didn’t want that. But maybe I am the reason everything turned out this way. Now all I can do is write it down in hopes I can forget about it. I never thought I’d share anything this personal online, but fuck it.

Later Addition
It’s been a couple of days now, I’m far from feeling great but I am doing better as things fall back into place again. Something wonderful happened that strengthened my belief in life, fate and humanity. As it is a complex story on its own, I will write about it next week or so. I’m excited to be able to end this post on this positive note.

You can find the follow-up post here!

Title photo by June Kweh

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  • 24. October 2017

    I kind of gave up on B-days. The celebrations are so festive when you\’re a kid. But then you grow up and… it\’s just another day. Nothing special. Having no expectations is my goal, because then, anything good will be great and anything bad will be expected. I know, kind of dark, but at least the chances of figurative heartbreak are minimized. Plus, I also decided that I am the only one responsible for feeling good on my B-day, so I try and do what I want.

    • 24. October 2017

      Hmmm… you\’re probably right, but I just don\’t feel like \’giving up\’ on birthdays. Maybe I\’m just stupidly optimistic (or not sarcastic enough), but I still want a birthday to be a special day. My general perspective on birthdays is similar to yours as I want to spend the day doing what I choose to do. If only other people wouldn\’t get in the way of that! haha
      Thanks for the feedback!

  • 19. July 2017

    I\’m sorry that this happened to you. I\’ve had a few pretty (similar) lousy ones too (to put it kindly), and this prompted me to recall them. I don\’t think it\’s silly whatsoever to get upset about your birthday not being all you had hoped for – we may get 90 years on this earth, which is roughly 32,873 days (taking account leap years, of course), and of those only 90 of those days are OUR special day and ours alone. That\’s the equivalent of roughly 3 months of days out of a potential 1080. There are plenty of other days out there to be a dick to someone and ruin someone\’s day, their birthday should not be one of them. I personally think that you should keep on expecting all those great things you deserve on your whole whopping 90ish days you get in your lifetime.

    • 20. July 2017

      First I hope that the post didn\’t make you recall details from lousy birthdays – probably best to move on from those I guess. I try not to have too high expectations for my birthday anymore, but I still want it to be a \’special\’ day and I know that what happened this year wasn\’t okay. At least it will be pretty easy to have a better birthday next year. Maybe I will have a really good birthday in the future, who knows. Now I rather try not thinking about it too much cause it still makes me sad.

      • 24. July 2017

        They\’re well in the past 🙂 They were a great learning opportunity for me – I learned that the people that caused such strife for me (especially on my special day! lol) had no part being in my life and that I should set my expectations higher. Next year will be a good one for you I\’m sure of it xo

  • 19. July 2017
  • 12. July 2017

    Sad story but I\’m glad you\’re feeling alot better ! Hope you\’re ok 🙂

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