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SO OVER 2020 [DJ Set]

Since I have challenged myself to learn how to DJ in three weeks, I have enjoyed creating DJ sets live or at home as much as possible. However, Corona made all kinds of parties impossible and I can’t imagine New Year’s without some techno. 

It’s an indescribable feeling to be able to make people dance and give them an enjoyable night. There’s a lot of pressure for me when I do it, especially more officially at Dancen und Schmusen!, and it requires a lot of energy and stamina. It’s all worth it though as it is one of the things in this world I found to enjoy doing the most!

I don’t have years of experience but still, I really missed doing it. Since this year in many countries of the world, there won’t be any parties for New Year’s, I have decided to record a new DJ set and share it here. Bare with me in the beginning as the transitions and effects are far from perfect, but I think if you like techno or house, especially the darker types, you can have a good time within the comfort and safety of your homes. Have a good New Year!

SO OVER 2020 | Techhouse DJ Set






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