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Digital Exhibition: My Friend’s Corona Art Projects

I believe one of the most valuable things to do with the extra free time in quarantine is creating art. I know the past few months, art was definitely one of the things that kept me sane(r). Since I have already posted quite a few of my own projects, I wanna share some of my friends’ and colleagues’ art projects today. A big thank you goes out to all contributors!


Jacqueline Kaulfersch_HOW TO DO QUARANTINE (Title Illustration)
In the illustrations of the HOW TO DO QUARANTINE series, I explored themes of isolation, fears, and resources, and processed personal experiences in quarantine with a focus on the positive.


Sandro Nicolussi_LOCKDOWNED
In the first Lockdown, @rina.roar mentioned that I should include Corona into one of my series. Naturally, I was then a little slow and did not want to make Corona-Art. Here is a face mask left behind in the Viennese city area.



Peter Beck_PROTECT

PROTECT describes the discrepancy between an actual and an apparent protective effect.



Collective Micro Galleries_Project / Forward: 2047

45 artists collaborated digitally to create the Festival Project / Forward: 2047. If you don’t have the world you want, create it. And who better to start to imagine this for us all than artists? They are imagineers who can build a better tomorrow, forging possibility and alternatives, where no one believes there is any.



Brian Luque Marcos_Recover

My contribution to the previously mentioned Festival. I made everything in my room, projected and filmed it at the beginning of the Lockdown. Recover symbolizes that by 2047 people will be aware that they have to treat the earth with respect, nature will recover and take over the world again.



Reini Reynink Doppelhofer_Corona in Graz

Exhausted people in health care and fat businessmen while Corona Graz cleans the air from fine dust.



Anna Maria Tauser-Fürpaß_Geheimnisse (Secrets)



Andy Joe_Abandoned Theatre

Art is dead and stored in cellar rooms. Dust and dryness pell off the layers of time until past and present meet. We are waiting for tomorrow.




My video poem as schizophrenic as my Corona experiences, trying to process what has happened and what’s about to be.






My friend’s ÄNSI produced a music video during Corona:

Premiere: ÄNSI’s new Music Video we Co-Produced

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