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Fixing Dumb Inspirational Quotes 3

There I was, writing a depressing post when I thought to myself: ‘Fuck it. It’s summer, it’s warm. For once, I wanna enjoy life and choose to be happy’. (I realize I sound like a shallow inspirational quote myself saying that). That’s why I delayed the other post to the near future and did what I do best: Piss on other people’s picture of philosophy by fixing dumb inspirational quotes. To be honest though, when I went on my usual Pinterest-hunt for the quotes, I also found a couple of good ones. Like, actually helpful for my current situation. So, by no means does this mean, I hate everything inspirational. I’m gonna do this anyway.



… and that has to be enough.



(and run)



‘Cause it’s a beautiful and underrated body part.



How to lower your expectations.



Double-bladed sword… right?



50 Shades of Cray



That’s what Tyra said.



Had to get a little ‘inspirational’ myself. Won’t happen again.



But I could.



We can still hug, you know?


I hope you enjoyed these as much as I did making them. Please give me feedback if you want more of these kinds of posts (or tell me if you’ve had enough!). If you’re into this series, check these out:

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  • 21. June 2018

    The first two, and the last one made me chuckle. Good ones.

  • 16. June 2018

    I actually love quotes like this because sometimes, they really resonate with my situation! Anybody can use a little pep talk, even from the depths of Pinterest! Love it. Share more!

  • 15. June 2018

    A very creative and interesting perspective! Perfect way to begin a weekend. Naked hugs!

  • 15. June 2018

    ahahah I freaking well love these! The bills one is everything. Also, I’d just like to acknowledge how unique of an idea is, I haven’t come across something like this at all. Looking forward to more!

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