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Fixing Dumb ‘Inspirational’ Quotes 4

When I started collecting dumb Tinder bios (for fixing them up), I also started collecting new dumb inspirational quotes. The last weeks my blog has become a little more serious, so I thought I’d want it to be light and fun again and be the internet troll I aspire to be. If you don’t know why I do this – neither do I – but part one of this series might make it a little clearer. Without further explanations, I wanna share the best of the worst the internet could give me.
































If you like this series, please let me know, so I will create posts like this more often. If you have any ideas of what I might fix up, besides inspirational quotes and Tinder Bios, please let me know in the comment section. Thanks – and have a wonderful day!




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7 thoughts on “Fixing Dumb ‘Inspirational’ Quotes 4

  1. Hey! You leave integrity alone, sheeple have a tenuous enough relationship with it. 🤓
    But a few of those others have my morning the chuckle it needed! Especially “Dreams don’t work unless you sleep” and “Be the reason someone jerks off today”. So, thanks!

    1. I guess you’re right, integrity is important (unless you work in the US White House). I just don’t find it important enough to have it be an inspirational quote.
      Thank you for the feedback! 🙂

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