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Random Thoughts on the Corona Pandemic

COVID-19 is everywhere, isn’t it? In the news, in the supermarket, in people’s heads – hopefully not in their lungs – and the world has gone a little crazy. Some people say this is what a quiet revolution looks like: A time after which nothing will be as it used to be. 

Do you believe that? Do you think people will actually change? Take care of the environment? Take care of each other? Be mindful? Work from home?

I haven’t found answers to these questions. I only have more questions and random thoughts I would like to share. I have also written a couple of articles for the magazine Futter, including an interview with a Corona-patient. If you’re German-speaking, check out the links at the end of this post! (If not, is an excellent tool for quick translations 😉 )

Some Thoughts on the Corona Pandemic

  1. This is an excellent time for developing Social Media Addiction.
  2. Shaving has never been more optional.
  3. Pants too.
  4. All the clubbings that are being live-streamed will lead to a lot of noise complaints.
  5. Due to people staying home, hospitals will be overrun with births in late 2020.
  6. Or the city halls will be overrun with divorces.
  7. Greta who?
  8. I wonder if Kat von D will finally vaccinate her children.
  9. Supermarkets putting noddles and tissues on sale now truly don’t understand the principle of demand and supply.
  10. It’s not a coincidence that there are so many ads and spam accounts on Grindr and Tinder right now.
  11. When the quarantine is officially over we will find out if humanity learned something from all of this.


Ideas what to do in quarantine from my Instagram – where I post things that don’t make any sense to anyone but myself (follow me anyway):



German Articles

Corona-Patientin: „Es fühlt sich anders als eine Grippe oder Allergie an“

Die Liebe in Zeiten von Corona

Coronavirus: Das passiert nach einem positiven Testergebnis



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  • 15. April 2020

    Oh, I think this is a total mess, and I have my own thoughts about it; however, my opinion is not the popular one. If I’ve learned anything about myself during this time, it’s that I’m not as much of a homebody as I thought I was and that I’m definitely spoiled because I miss the nail salon, the hair salon, my facials, and my spa days! Hope you are well, friend.

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