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5 Annoying Things I don’t miss about Berlin

About a month ago I came home from Berlin and after a short but expected down-phase I am feeling pretty good being back in a smaller city for Lockdown2 and the cold winter months. While there are many things I am missing about Berlin, the city also has its annoying moments. And since I can’t go back now anyway, let’s think about those for a moment. 

Having to carry around lots of cash

When you’re going to a cash machine in Berlin you better get a couple of hundred euros. Some banks do allow free cash withdrawal but most times you have to pay 4-8 euros just to have access to your money. Yes, you have to pay to get to your property. Absolutely insane from my perspective but very normal in Berlin. You also should have cash with you wherever you go because it is a rarity that a shop or restaurant accepts card payments.

The cold winter

I am used to living in a cold climate (and usually enjoy the four seasons as they come), but Berlin surely is next-level freezing during the winter! I remember from my last time being there that having to commute and standing in line for a long time in the winter was adding an extra layer of stress in an already pretty hectic city.

The looooooong waiting times

And since we are already talking about wasting time, the amount of time you spend waiting is worth being mentioned separately. I have waited in front of clubs, bars, restaurants and even shops! As soon as something is good and people hear about it, everyone seems to decide at once to go there. And I am not shading anyone here, I am just as much a sheep as anyone else – hence, the waiting times.

Entering Berlin

Already had to wait a ‘little’ bit to get into Berlin this time around.

No public restrooms

I don’t know how other Berliners handle that there are almost no public bathrooms but I sure struggled a lot – I already have a tiny bladder and with Diabetes you have to use the bathroom even more often. Even worse when you’re shopping in a mall and want to use the bathroom but are expected to pay for it. Would you rather want me to pee in the dressing room?? Let’s just put it that way: In Berlin, I learned to find places to pee at any time of the day and any place of the city (no dressing rooms).

No water fountains

Another thing I was missing were places to get fresh water. I think I am a little spoiled from my home town, I guess we value drinking water a lot! If you wanna grab some freshwater in Berlin, you have to buy bottled water instead of refilling your own bottle. I feel like public water fountains could help save a lot of plastic (bottles), not just in Berlin, but basically everywhere.

I love Berlin anyways

As much as I can go on a rant on just about anything, there are a multitude of things I miss about Berlin, mostly how free and liberating it feels to live in a judgment-free city. In Berlin, it takes only one look around the crowds to see that people are here to find and be their truest selves they can be. Berlin is a place where sexism, racism, homophobia or transphobia are constructs of the past. A place where you can get a Döner holding hands with your same-sex partner without having to fear an unpleasant encounter. Above all, Berlin is my escape that catches me and holds me tight whenever I need it.




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  • 19. November 2020

    Berlin wrote a similar post about the 5 things she doesn’t miss about you, but I won’t tell you what they were 🙂

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