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This is America

Childish Gambino’s new single ‘This is America’ is causing the stir of the moment. I usually wouldn’t cover the release of a music video, but this one you should see. Childish Gambino is actor-turned-rapper Donald Glover who is known for mixing various music styles together. What he has done with ‘This is America’ sounds very fresh yet again. However, that’s not why the video gained over 6 million views in just one day. But you’ll have to watch for yourself.

Would love to hear thoughts on what you think this video is supposed to mean. Is this America?

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  • 7. May 2018

    Not my cup of tea. Annoying beat. As far as the video is concerned, I understand what he was trying to do, but he just made it all look stupid and weird (not in the good sense).

  • 6. May 2018

    Wow. That video starts with a literal bang and keeps right on going. That’s all I know for sure right now, definitely gonna have to watch it a couple more times before I know anything else for certain.
    Just. Wow.

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