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Tom Cullen and Chris New in Andrew Haighs film movie Weekend

Weekend – a great movie no one ever saw

Today I want to share my favourite movie, Weekend, with you. No matter if LGBT-themed or not, I love movies telling stories that stick with me for a while. Weekend is no exception to this, as I still get shivers just from watching the trailer for this emotional rollercoaster. Sadly, not a lot of people (except for Lena Dunham) ever heard about Weekend. Let’s change that.

Weekend is a 2011 production by director Andrew Haigh, also responsible for the slightly more known TV series Looking, which concluded with a TV film after cancellation in 2015. In some ways Weekend can be seen as a story guideline for Looking as both productions tell honest, realistic and relevant narratives from a gay perspective.

Weekend is the story of a random Friday night hook-up and everything that follows Saturday and Sunday. With its almost documentary character, the film portrays a realist and a romanticist trying to find common ground. Weekend incidentally brings up some of the fundamental questions about love, sex and intimacy simply by letting Glen and Russel have a conversation the day ‘after’.


I saw the movie without knowing anything about it. Unexpectedly, Weekend built me up and tore me down just by showing the casual encounter of two men without any backstories. It lets you dream by showing nothing more but possibilities that can’t be there while the storyline evolves in a pace similar to an actual weekend. With a lot of Ifs and Buts left for Sunday.

I tried not to give away too much about the movie’s plot. However, if you don’t feel convinced by my vague blabber yet, just give the trailer a chance to paint a better picture for me. Weekend is a love-and-loss story a lot of people, not just the LGBT community, will enjoy.

If you wanna read more about Weekend you can also check out this article: Weekend compared to Brokeback Mountain. Did you enjoy the movie Weekend? And what is your favorite ‘gay’ movie?

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  • 3. January 2018

    This movie is an excellent gem. It felt so real and organic, like I was genuinely watching two people consider the possibility of love.

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