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Some of Berlin’s Best Street Art and Graffiti

I am back in Berlin again. During Corona quarantine, I felt more and more trapt at home and all I wanted was to get away. When I became a freelancer I already planned on working & traveling a bit when I felt like it. I have a lot of things to process that happened over the past couple of months. Berlin is never quiet, not even in Corona times, so I feel like I’ve chosen the perfect city to find a balance between meditating on my life and distracting myself from all of it.

I am gonna keep on writing as it always helps me dealing with what is going on. This week, however, I thought I’d post about something else that makes Berlin really special and enhances its industrial side: graffiti and street art!

I don’t claim that these picks here are exhaustive, hell, this city is way too big for me to even see all the street art and graffiti! These are just some of my favorites among many more great pieces. Unfortunately, in most cases, I do not know who created the works of art unless there is a tag on the picture.

Enjoy! And see you soon! The first one you might recognize from my post about clubbing culture during Corona times!




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