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The Best (and Craziest) Songs from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

One of my favorite TV shows I always like to advise other people on watching is Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. It’s a Dramedy show (more on the side of comedy) that features songs whenever the main character has a daydream or ‘lives in her own world’. The songs are crazy and crazy good and tackle topics like insecurities, mental health issues, dating, etc. Whatever complicated situations you find yourself in, there’s probably a Crazy Ex-Girlfriend song for it. With the finale of the series airing later this year, I decided to make a Top 10 list out of my personal favorite songs. The songs may contain light spoilers of the show.


#10 West Covina

The series starts out with Rachel, the main character, living an unhappy life as a big-shot lawyer in NYC. When she meets an old lover from summer camp, Josh, she decides to move to West Covina, to be closer to him.

#9 The Moment Is Me

When the sarcastic character Heather graduates from college, she celebrates her ‘moment’ by singing this uninspired yet hilarious chant.


#8 I Give Good Parent

When Rebecca gets invited to Josh’ house she’s confident in being able to get his family on her side and gifts us with this splendid track.

#7 Feeling Kinda Naughty

For a quick minute Rebecca’s obsession for Josh switches over to his girlfriend at the time. When she realizes how much she wants to be like her, this is what’s going on in her mind.

#6 The Sexy Getting Ready Song

When Rebecca has to get ready for a date she enlightens all of us men out there as for the not-so-sexy process of what it means for her to simply ‘get ready’.


#5 JAP Rap

When Rebecca’s childhood nemesis comes to town and becomes her opponent in an on-going lawsuit, the two spit some serious rhymes in this amazing rap battle.


#4 Strip Away My Conscience

When Rebecca needs help in achieving her devious plans, she is confronted with a bad conscious and seeks help from ‘corporate piece of trash’ Nathaniel and sings him this sexy yet questionable lullaby.


#3 Let’s Have Intercourse

The same Nathaniel later finds himself in a predicament of feeling turned on by Rebecca while also being kinda weirded out that he finds her attractive. So he proposes the two of them ‘get it over with’ with a song so romantic, even Robbie Williams becomes pale with envy.


#2 Stuck in the Bathroom

Remember back when we didn’t know what a piece of shit R. Kelly is? I still remember fondly his moronic rap-opera ‘Trapped in the Closet’. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend brings the perfect parody to the table when Rebecca throws a weird girl party in which Paula gets stuck in the bathroom.


#1 Heavy Boobs

Though this song probably doesn’t need any context to be awesome, Rebecca once tries on a dress but her boobs just won’t fit. So, she sings this instant-classic about her hate-love towards her heavy boobs.


How did you like my pick of songs? And do you already watch Crazy Ex-Girlfriend or think about trying it? If you’re interested in watching Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, it is now streaming on Netflix. Trust me when I say it was hard picking just 10 songs, because there are many good ones left.



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