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Fixing Dumb Tinder Bios

For this week’s blog, I thought I wanted to have fun and do what I like to do the most when on the internet: Being a troll. One thing I am not missing from being single is going on Tinder, finding a cute guy who seems to be normal, then scrolling further down to his bio that makes me roll my eyes and want to forget I am part of this apps’ community. In the spirit of fixing dumb inspirational quotes (new installment will be online soon!), I thought I’d switch it up and re-write Tinder bios the way I interpret them.

No tea, no shade – if you find your own bio on here, please don’t be mad.
But please, do think about changing your bio. Deleting it might be fine, too.
























Do you remember similar Bios from your own experience?
Please tell me if you’d like to see me do this more often.

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  • 28. March 2019

    Can’t wait for your other motivational quotes.

  • 22. March 2019


    Please do more, I am LIVING for tinder bullshit!

  • 22. March 2019

    “My wife knows I f#ck around” What a catch!

  • 21. March 2019


    Omg its soo good 😂 you have to do more

  • 21. March 2019

    please do more of these
    lmao! 😀

  • 21. March 2019

    OMG, though…I forgot to mention my most recent evidence!
    A guy hits me up with the ol’ winky face greeting, y’know…because I’m special. I go look at his profile and I’m thinking, “cute, meh, nah, nah, nah” and then I get to the end and he says, “I’m also homeless, so if you have a problem with that, move on”!
    I sat there and stared at it a minute, trying to decide if this beat out “would you ever date a guy with no arms” guy, decided he didn’t but what a great offensive defense!
    I almost wanted to write back and say, “The homeless thing didn’t even break my top 5 reasons not to date you!
    Smoking and Taurus (I’m just not compatible, apparently) arethings that probably won’t change. Hopefully your homelessness situation will.
    PS: YOU should have a problem with it, though…
    But ultimately, I just ignored him.

  • 21. March 2019

    I have to admit, once I realized years ago what social media was all about, I deleted my entries and decided that I would only interact in person. I saved myself lots of trouble! Naked hugs!

    • 21. March 2019

      Yeah, the refusal to participate in these apps/sites really is the only way to go.

        • 23. March 2019

          Totally agree. If I didn’t laugh at the situation…🤷🏽‍♂️
          That’s part of why I chose my Dating Into Oblivion blog theme to publish as a non-fiction piece. So far, the people who have read it have found the same humor I did in my dating attempts.

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