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I am taking a break

Hey there.

This new year has brought a lot of change in my life. First and foremost I am currently in the long process of starting out as a fulltime freelancer. As some of you may (or may not) know, I have already worked as a freelance visual designer but I have always had some kind of ties to creative agencies. This is not the case anymore.

I have set the goal to live my life the way I want it and part of that plan is to make my own work hours. Working for agencies, it has been a constant struggle to get others to agree to my terms and now I don’t have to convince anyone anymore. Of course, my clients know how I roll and so far everyone was very understanding when I told them that they cannot expect that I will always answer my phone but I do my best in getting back to them might I be busy (or asleep). And I really do.

But if I create this free spirited lifestyle, why would I wanna stop blogging? Well, first of all, I am not stopping forever, I am just taking a break. Last year I started writing more and more for Futter and found an unexpected satisfaction in writing in German. Furthermore, I now have to be wise about how much time I spend doing certain things. In the end, I don’t make money off of this blog, it is still a hobby. And I want it to feel that way again. That’s why I’ve decided to slow things down for a bit to recharge my creative writing energy. I have some unfinished projects like a new  Fixing Dumb inspirational Quotes and even a fashion lookbook I have been working on for a while. These and other projects will see the light of day soon. Just not today.

At some point I have decided to do this blog weekly and this put pressure on me although I only should’ve done it for myself (as well as to study my written English for my master thesis). Now, I am taking back control (actually, giving it up) and will post whenever I feel like it. I am not quitting this blog but I am quitting my upload schedule.

See you soon. Read you soon.


P.s.: If you’re ever in need of graphic design or visual design, feel free to contact me.

P.p.s. I wrote some end-of-the-year content for Futter you may wanna check out. The first one is quite personal, almost like a blog entry, so you might enjoy that one!


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