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About New Year Resolutions (Y2020)

It’s been quite the turbulent year, so in the blogging tradition, I’ve had a look at last year’s resolutions as well as my 2017 resolutions

Past resolution

1. Keep doing what I love and not sell out
2. Do another art show and 3. Sell art at a design market.
I didn’t do an art show but I was at a design markt and currently have a piece of art exhibited in Mexico.
4. Always give myself the time I need and keep reflecting on life.
I’m making progress, kinda.
5. Travel.
More or less: Yes. I’m happy.
6. Make some progress on the book I’ve been working on.
Way too little progress for how much time I’m spending on it.
7. Hopefully find a fulfilling job or other opportunities paying for rent.
Job: no. Opportunities: yes.
8. Read more.
I’ve counted and I think it’s been six books I’ve read which I feel like is way too little.
9. Decorate my balcony and re-do my flat.
Flat: Yeah, the balcony is still a work in progress.

2019 Recap

I am happy with how my year went. For the most part of it, I worked as a Freelancer for various gigs and believe that I am on a good path to finding my footing in the Freelance design and journalism market. The next year is definitely not gonna be easy because I wanna focus on this venture and the market is quite tough. I have found a couple of clients who will hopefully make for a more or less regular income. Also, writing for various magazines makes it a little easier for me to find work.

This past year, I’ve started working for the local magazine Futter and had lots of fun writing a big variety of articles on- and offline, including one for the local newspaper Kleine Zeitung. I have also written the article which I believe gained the most views this year about a friend who took part in a reality TV cooking show. I have started doing visual design for a techno event and later learned DJ-ing for the event. I was in a friend’s music video and had the first semi-public gig with my improv theatre group. I have collaborated with my boyfriend on a piece of art that’s currently being shown in the design museum MUMEDI in Mexico. I went to South Africa and spend the beginning of the year in Berlin – a city I still miss dearly. This was a busy, exciting and quite a successful year and I don’t plan on slowing down soon.

Here are my 2020 resolutions

  1. Become a full-time Freelancer
  2. Finish or make some good progress on the book I am writing
  3. Be more vocal about what I want and don’t want
  4. Be more social
  5. Spend time creating art, possibly exhibiting it
  6. Find (and make!) opportunities to DJ
  7. Travel as much as possible
  8. Find time for Yoga and other sports
  9. Reduce smoking, vape instead.
  10. Take photos. Create memories. Keep life exciting.

In the tradition of this blog, I will forget about this list for the rest of the year and check back next year on how I did.

What are your resolutions?



Title photo by Ray Hennessy

Compulsive nonconformist who left the 9-to-5 world after studying psychology and has since then devoted himself to design and writing on a freelance basis. Has at least four different kinds of chips at home at any given time.


  • 31. December 2019

    Good luck on your new resolutions. COngratZ on the things you managed to cross of your list. There’s always so much we want/need done yet so little time.
    Happy New Year!

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