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My BF dared me…

I don’t remember how this happened but I’m certain we weren’t sober. Anyway, around 10PM my man dared me to write a blog post about this night. Like, literally after we had sex. Well, not literally. We had a shower first, obviously.

First, I was like, ‘Giiirl, you’re not comfortable with anyone reading that’ and he was like, ‘Giiiiirl, I’m comfortable when you’re comfortable’ and I was like ‘ Well, I’m super comfortable’ and he was like ‘Well I’m also very comfortable’.

So, we dwelled in the exchange for a little bit, contemplating if the other one was serious about it until one of us went on by saying ‘So, let’s go to the computer.’

After considering our options for the night we settled that we’d do it tomorrow.

A few minutes later though, I asked ‘You wouldn’t really want anyone reading that, would you?’


‘Me neither.’



I’m sorry, but I guess you’ll never get to read about this night.
(It wasn’t that spectacularly interesting, anyway.)

Sorry for the clickbait.




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