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My Spring/Summer ’18 Designs

I’m proud to FINALLY release my spring + summer designs for this year. Learn all about them here and find them in my online shop. I had a blast making them and hope you love them as much as I loved creating them!

I don’t hate the winter. It’s a great time for cuddling up in my home and laying my head on the hairy chest of a beloved man. Snuggling and sex sure are the great things getting me through my usual winter depression but this time around I’m single and so far, not a fan of the cold. Where I live, winter is no joke. We do have snow, cold weather and very short days. I’m up so late each day, I don’t get a lot of light and the sun sets at 5 PM. That’s why I wanted the designs for my next ‘collection’ (still feeling silly calling it that) to be colorful and bold and fun and everything but cold.

sex and the city sexy dress

I worked on them quite a lot and had some major headaches getting it all together. That’s why I’m stoked that I can release them out into the world now! If you’re interested in the designs – they’re available in my Online Shop in more forms of clothing/merch than anyone needs.

summer collection.jpg

Thank you for checking them out. I really hope you like the designs. I loved creating them.



16 thoughts on “My Spring/Summer ’18 Designs

  1. Your designs are very interesting and they definitely inspire youth, through the colorful patterns and happy motifs.

  2. These look like some great designs. I\’m liking all the different styles and colors. I\’ll check out your shop!

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