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Accidentally deleting my follower base because I’m dumb

I feel like I should not be so stupid that I accidentally delete my follower base but somehow I still managed to do just that. Let me just tell you, how dumb I really am.

If you’ve ever wondered about the name of this blog, you’ll better understand it after this post. Everyone kinda expects that I’m good with digital stuff and computers because I belong to a generation some might call ‘digital natives’. But to tell the truth, I have no magical knowledge that others don’t have. I’m just clicking around and figuring stuff out as I go. I just feel certain, that I won’t break anything. Well, so far at least.


A week ago, I accidentally deleted parts of my follower database. I didn’t even realize until the next day. That was when I started trying to figure out who I think was following me before and sent out invitations. Some of you accepted them but I’m still short most of my previous followers. That sucks. However, if you’re still here or here again, you’re awesome and I love you! And yes, I’m an idiot. A loving idiot anyways.

The irony of this whole situation is that I was actually trying to back up my blog in case something happened. Now I’m scared of attempting another back-up and ending up accidentally deleting my whole blog. So, if you’re ever trying to find my blog and stumble upon emptiness, I was probably trying to back it up some more.


If you wanna help me reduce the pain of losing my followers, I’d love it if you shared my blog with friends, family or colleagues. You could use my last post about ‘inspirational’ quotes if you want. Thanks.*

*End of shameless Self-Promo.

0 thoughts on “Accidentally deleting my follower base because I’m dumb

  1. First, I know this is not funny. Second, I would have totally done something like this. I am so much like you!

  2. That\’s gotta stink when that happens. I really need to do backup on my blog to be perfectly honest. I haven\’t done too much with that yet. Of course, now you have scared me about doing it, but what\’s life like without a little fear… or something like that anyway?

    1. Yeah it\’s great to know that you\’ll either end up with a backup of your blog or you might just delete it. I\’ll lay off my backing up ideas for now^^

  3. Oh my, I hope all of them will find out and follow you again. That must be frustrating! I didn\’t know it is possible to delete followers.

  4. Oh no! That\’s the last thing any blogger would want to happen. Anyways, glad to see that you\’re all good and can joke about the incident! After all, we learn from our mistakes right 🙂

  5. Technology can be tricky for anyone regardless of age. I\’m glad you were able understand to detect your mistake and are working to fix it.

  6. I’m following you now! I’m pretty tech savvy, but I am always so nervous when working on a blog post; I accidentally hit publish when I had only written the first sentence! I’m sorry you deleted your followers! They’ll find you again!

    1. Haha yeah, I know the feeling! I\’m always nervous about sending the wrong texts/emails to the wrong people. I had a couple of incidents in the past and I don\’t seem to learn from my mistakes. Super happy you decided to follow me :)))

  7. Ooops, this stinks! I hate when things like this happen. Technology is fabulous, but sometimes it can be frustrating.

  8. Oh no, I did this once and sadly never got them back then ended up also deactivating an account so you\’re not alone it happens and can be a pain.

    1. Oh no, that sucks too although I\’m a little happy that I\’m not the only one. Did you ever figure out what happened and where you/we clicked wrong?^^

  9. I received your blog so that must mean I\’m still on your list! Oh! And the green \”Following\” next your name is there! I\’ve survived! Keep it going!

    1. Haha yesss that\’s great to hear! Although if you\’re motivated enough to comment, I suspect you would have been motivated enough to follow me again 😉

    1. Yeah I much rather stick by trying not to delete it all instead of trying to actually back it up. Still don\’t really know where I went wrong though lol

  10. I think I had a higher quality of life before finding out that deleting a follower base was even possible… One more unlikely occurrence to be unnecessarily paranoid about! Anyway, sorry to hear you lost your base but glad that you seem to be taking it in stride(:

    1. I\’m sorry I lowered your life quality with this post but I hope you also got a laugh out of my misery^^ I didn\’t know it was possible either, but oh well. Nothing I can do about it now!

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