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Our Techno Party this Christmas | 25-12-2019

As some of you may know, I’ve taken on a new venture, which is learning how to DJ. It all started when I started working as a designer for a local techno event, Dancen und Schmusen! DemBamiSeiMudder, the DJ behind this event, agreed to teach me some mixing skills and I’ve worked hard too. This Christmas set will probably not gonna be perfect but all that counts is the fun we have – right? Aaaand, DemBambiSeiMudder is gonna hit the turntables as soon as I’m finished!

I hope everyone is having a great winter break but if you already have too much of the Christmas spirit, this event may be perfect for you. Please do come early as the doors will close at 11 PM. Also, we’re looking forward to many sexy, outrageous, fun and playful outfit ideas. We’ll be asking for a donation from 10 euro – more info in the Facebook event. Looking forward to seeing lots of you guys there <3



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