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What I drew in Quarantine

When the quarantine started I was super-convinced that this was gonna be a very productive time for me. In my over-eager, I wanted to draw as much as I could. In reality, however, I only managed to do a couple of new drawings in #quarantober. Here they are. 


A mythological creature from the north which gives nightmares to people. I mostly made up the looks of the creature because there aren’t that many depictions of Marn to be found. I made this one for the Spanish-speaking Instagram moment cuarantena de ilustracion.



This one goes way back to a style of drawing I used to do a lot of when I was in school. I don’t know why I stopped.



The few people who saw this drawing were very confused if it was depicting a man or a woman. Does it make a difference in what you see in it?



One of my first group calls during this quarantine. Can you guess who was in it?



Also, this poster with which I want to shift the focus to something no one is thinking of: animal testing. Now more than ever we need to think of alternatives and until there are new ways of developing vaccines at least think of the animals who die for the cause.


Did you draw or create something in home isolation?



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