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What the Future holds (According to a Fortune Teller)

First, everything will fall apart, then be built back together. Sounds like 2020 all over again. 

I used to not believe in much of anything: religion, magic, ghosts, powers, not for me. But after I had the feeling of being followed by a spirit for almost a year, I don’t know what I believe in anymore. As part of the exhibition Overmorrow in Berlin’s Salon der Wilden Renate a friend and I had the possibility to go to a fortune teller together.

The girl climbed over the bar and started shuffling her Tarot cards. This was already getting more serious than I’d expected it. I thought she’d look in my eyes, tell me I’m pretty and that everything’s gonna be fine or something.

The deck we had consisted of the following cards and I welcome each and everyone to find an interpretation for it…


Deck of Cards

For everyone who doesn’t know anything about Tarot which is probably everyone reading this (including me), this is what the fortune teller had to say. The upside-down sun is symbolizing that something is gonna happen when the weather changes and it becomes colder. The tower, upside-down as well, means that something is gonna fall apart and that there are gonna be changes that won’t feel pleasant. This is strengthened by the Death & Rebirth card right next to it. A pretty tough layout according to the fortune teller.

The Knight of Swords symbolizes that it’s gonna take a lot of clarity and focus to get through these times. It also means that I should believe in my own instincts and not get too distracted by influences from the outside. The 9 of Swords is another card signalizing the challenges. So far, so bad. The 9 of Cups, however, is the most positive card of the layout: It signalizes extreme happiness and wealth. The challenges are gonna be present for a while (approximately 9 months) but they all add up to something beautiful and wonderful, according to the 9 of Cups.

What this means

My 2021 might not be much better than 2020. It means that there is a lot to come ahead of me. If I was straight I’d guess that I’d impregnate a girl and will receive the gift of a child nine months later. But since that is obviously not gonna happen, I can only suspect what’s about the happen the next couple of months. I don’t really believe in any of this but for some reason, the fortune teller had a way of enticing me. She made me wanna hear more and more and her words really stuck with me. I am going to keep my head up, try to be as focused as possible – and will look back at this in 9 months and share if any of it turned out to be true.

Do you believe that there is more to the universe that meets the eye? And have you ever been to a fortune teller?



Compulsive nonconformist who left the 9-to-5 world after studying psychology and has since then devoted himself to design and writing on a freelance basis. Has at least four different kinds of chips at home at any given time.


  • 1. October 2020

    Ooooh, brace yourself!
    I’m not a religious person, but I definitely think there’s something spiritual-like going on out in the universe that we aren’t aware of. I had an ex *visit* me one night and the next day got a call that he’d died. It was real but definitely surreal. I wrote a blog about it, but he’s been dead long enough to drink, now, so I’m not sure I can find it. If it was on blogspot, I can…but I worry it was on the MySpace. If I can find it, I’ll repost it here…

      • 5. October 2020

        Oh, I’m sure you’ll find “a-ha!” instances where you experience something and then think, “So that’s what she meant!” because predictions are usually vague enough that even skeptics can make connections. It’s all part of the fun of going to a fortune teller type person. Then again, maybe their predictions are vague just so they don’t ruin the surprise for us! 😬
        Keep us posted!

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