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My first #sponsorship (that didn’t work out)

With the title of this post I’m not trying to say that I’ve had sponsors lining up to be featured on this blog and usually it works out. I’m trying to say that for the first time I had a company wanting to work with me that I could also see myself wanting to work with. Unfortunately, though, it didn’t work out.

It was never a big plan to have this happen.

To be honest, there is no plan behind this blog. I started because I wanted to,  it felt good and that’s why I continued. In the past couple of weeks or so, many things have changed in my life – including my job (twice) – this blog has been a consoling constant in my life. It made me feel like… I got something to do (and say). Even if I can’t find ‘real’ work in the ‘real’ world, this blog keeps me somewhat happy.

Needless to say, I like the idea of this blog becoming a side earning.

I was happy when I heard from that sponsor because it just happens to be a service that I actually believe in. I also know that this company is not particularly financially restricted as they are also sponsoring some of the biggest influencers I know. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out and I don’t even know if I should talk about it. What I think I can say is that their communication was always pretty clear. Where things went wrong was when we were determining the conditions of the sponsorship as this company doesn’t seem to have a set rule of conduct.

Even if it didn’t work out this time, I realized that I would enjoy sponsoring brands or services that I believe in, especially when I can do whatever I want to do to endorse them. It also makes a lot of sense to me as I’ve worked in the advertising world for many years and probably have handy tools to handle sponsorings considering my educations as a graphic designer and a psychologist.

I will leave it at that: If you (or the company you work for) offer a product or a service that you think I might like, just slide into my DMs (or contact me) and maybe you’ll be my very first sponsor I’ll lose my #virginity to.



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  • 3. January 2019

    I hope like hell my university doesn’t take your virginity! Academia can be so boring and we’d probably end up divorcing! 🙂 Naked hugs!

      • 6. January 2019

        Great idea! Take care and get bare! 🙂

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