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Art on Monday 2

I’d like to continue where I left things last time and talk a bit more about some of the pieces in my exhibition ‘Unter die Haut’ (Beneath the Skin). As per usual, I am more excited about what you guys see in my paintings as what I have to say about them, so please feel free to share any and all feedback with me!

Going through tough times is when I realized that I cannot always fix myself. People around me is what really helped me and that’s why this piece is dedicated to ‘Close Friends’.


As strange as it may sound reading this blog, there are many things I’ve kept secret so far. One of them is that I have OCD. Something I experience because of my OCD are ‘Intrusive Thoughts’ telling me things I should or shouldn’t be doing. I cannot control them but I am working on handling them. I will write more about my anxieties in the future but for now I have this piece to commemorate my OCD.


Last year I was a very unhappy person. Not only because bad things had happened, but also because I was faithless. I didn’t see a future lying ahead. None that didn’t bore the shit out of me. A couple of weeks later, I started to realize that nothing is over. I have a lot of energy and life left in me. I might be in ‘Untamed Waters’ but that’s the way I chose it to be.


When my last relationship ended, I though I’d never find love again. I am not just saying this lightly – I really did. And at first, I didn’t even want to. I felt quite useless and worthless. I hurt the people I love the most and thought that the solution was never to love again. But of course, being single can also feel lonely. So, when I least expected it, life surprised me with someone new. He even helped me create this mother of a painting three times because I accidentally ruined the first two.




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If you’re interested in any of the artwork, by clicking here you can find more info, sizes and prices. All paintings are available for shipping (standard rates apply) and will be hanging at café vergissmeinnicht until October 18th (Griesgasse 26, 8020 Graz, Tuesday till Friday from 11AM to 7PM).

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