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‘Lost&Found – People Edition’ at a huge carnival party without a working phone.

We were sitting in the tram and laughing about how a friend thought she had ordered an Ukulele off of Wish but actually just ordered a Ukulele strap that had a picture of an Ukulele with said strap in the description.

We were on our way to this year’s carnival celebration but were way too late because it took a while to get my drag alter ego ready resulting in our own version of Ru Paul’s Drag Race.

Carnival was a disaster for many reasons. One being that the jacket of the friend who thought she had ordered a Ukulele was stolen. Sorry for the double bad luck.


It was then, I remembered last year’s carnival celebration where I was in the city with a couple of friends including the one whose jacket got stolen and thought she had ordered a Ukulele (sorry again).

Last year I was also trying to meet up with a guy I was seeing at that time. However, my phone had crashed that very same day and I had just started what would turn into a month of living without a phone.

Except for an earlier message on Facebook with a location to meet up I had no info of his whereabouts. That location was in the middle of the party area with a crowd as annoying and hectic as what I’d expect to find at a Taylor Swift show if ever for a diabolic reason I had to attend one.

I was just about to give up finding him and re-grouping with my friends when suddenly I saw him getting out of the crowd. Finding him in that crowd seemed so unlikely, of course, I was convinced that the ghost that I believed to follow me had intervened.

glitter beard

On that day, I had lots of glitter in my beard and soon he had glitter in his beard too. At least, that’s how I’d like to remember this day, even though the glitter was mostly on his face and he didn’t even have lots of facial hair to catch glitter.

It would probably sound a lot more normal than saying I believe in ghosts, but still, I don’t believe in fate. I know that what had happened was just a coincidence. Still, it felt special and made me feel happy.

What is your craziest carnival or Mardi Gras story?



Title photo: A photo from this carnival of myself and my boyfriend who I am very much trying not to offend by sharing this story from my past. Also, if ever there was a photo to call #couplegoals it’s this one.

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  • 26. March 2019

    I adore this photo !! Guys, you look awesome!

  • 7. March 2019

    Hopefully, your boyfriend will understand that your past is just that, *your* past and accept the present. Great photo – so good that what was lost is now found! Naked hugs!

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