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Moving on post breakup?

My closet has an empty shelf

soon to be restocked again

Recycling time and money

is that how I take care of myself?

Once two, then three, then one

I don’t know what to make of this

and what we have become

In the end I don’t discard

that I will runaway

because after all what I want is

simply to be happy

and not feel guilty about that



Isn’t it ironic that I can write personal posts yet can’t throw away
a disgustingly overused toothbrush?

Some thoughts

Last week’s post gained a lot of views, as suspected. Maybe people are most interested in personal stories or maybe some readers experienced similar situations. Maybe we all just love the drama and I see nothing wrong with that either. However, I have been overwhelmed with the response. There were just a few too many messages sent and questions repeated. ‘What happened?’, ‘Did you guys breakup?’ – and I would’ve just liked to say ‘Read the damn blog if you have questions.’ But of course, if I put personal stuff out there, I have to handle that, too.

I am doing fine btw, thanks for asking, person I haven’t talked to in years. It’s going up and down. When I’m down I remind myself that this was the right step, when I’m up I feel guilty for being happy and enjoying my time. So, statistically speaking, it all evens itself out pretty much.

Phases of a Breakup?

Every day feels different and when I started to believe I had a schizophrenic heart, I read up that there are common phases of a breakup. They go as follows:

  1. Denial (It can’t be true)
  2. Anger
  3. Bargaining (Doing anything to avoid it’s over)
  4. Depression
  5. Acceptance

For me, however, it’s more everything at once and then some. This topic, however, is probably way too complex for a 5-step-model, right?

I hope wherever you are that you are doing fine and taking care of your mental health. There’s is literally nothing more important in the world (well except maybe physical health tying on spot number one). I’m currently trying out Qigong and since I’m growing out my hair and can’t get a typical post-breakup haircut, I got a nose ring. No regrets.



Compulsive nonconformist who left the 9-to-5 world after studying psychology and has since then devoted himself to design and writing on a freelance basis. Has at least four different kinds of chips at home at any given time.


  • 20. May 2020

    A nose ring?!?
    C’mon, the warning is right there in the name: NO. 😂😂😂
    Glad to read you’re doing “about even”. Mourning the loss of a relationship is like mourning a death. Although, I think people tend toward body art versus body jewelry to commemorate a loved one’s death. 😉

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