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Fixing dumb ‚inspirational‘ quotes 2

I’m just a regular internet troll browsing through cringy Pinterest posts and fixing them to my standards. Hope you feel uninspired.

So far, my most viewed blog post is me Fixing dumb ‘inspirational’ quotes. This post counter-acted me accidentally deleting my followers. It also put on the pressure of trying to be funny. I failed miserably quickly. Life just isn’t funny all the times, but things are looking up: Summer is coming, I have new merch, my first article on VICE has been published. I’m feeling good. Let’s use this while it lasts.

If you’ve read part 1, you know I’m not into ‘inspirational’ quotes. Most of them are about as helpful as a life hack showing me 20 things to do with a banana. Eat the damn banana, already! So, I went deep into the dark web, by which I mean Pinterest, to find the best of the worst quotes and remodeled them after my standards.

I just couldn’t resist.


Especially when we’re talking about laundry.




You didn’t expect me to walk?


Say no to drugs, kids.


Brains aren’t beautiful. You know what I’m talking about if you’ve ever seen an open skull.


History 101, bitches.


‘Cause it’s the only socially accepted drug.


Kinda the same thing, right?


Analyse this, Sigmund Freud.

If you like what I did, please let me know, and I’ll make this a regular series. But I need help finding the dumbest inspirational quotes, so please send me your favorites. I’m looking forward to cringing at your choices!





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5 thoughts on “Fixing dumb ‚inspirational‘ quotes 2

    1. I\’m so glad you noticed that! I took your feedback and tried to make them easier to read – didn\’t wanna give up the GIF aspect of it all though. Thanks for commenting 🙂

    1. Thanks for your reply 🙂 If there\’s one thing I would never give up, it\’s my sleep. It\’s always there for me. That reminds me that it\’s half past 3 AM.

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