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I’m in a Friend’s Music Video

Back when I first started seeing my boyfriend, a kind friend of mine had the plan to make a music video for her singer-songwriter project ÄNSI. I was excited to be a part of the video but back then, I was hesitant to ask if my boyfriend wanted to come along.

I don’t quite remember how long we have been seeing each other but it’s all been brand new and I honestly wasn’t sure if we were ready to be officially captured on video. We didn’t know how public this was going to get and the music video might’ve featured kissing and cuddling scenes.

As always, I was just overthinking it. The music video is beautiful and I don’t regret for a second being in it with my boyfriend. The song is about leaving marks on other people as you get to know them. This is so fitting for a music video that features many beloved and awesome people.

Please, go and check out the music video below and give it some love, share and care it all around!




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